Terms of service

1. Target audience

Choomza is usable by anyone older than 13 years.

2. Offering

Choomza is an online platform on which dance content like events, studios, and videos can be created and promoted.

3. Signing up

To sign up a username as well as an email address is needed. You are not allowed to select usernames that might be misleading or violate trademarks.

4. Costs

Choomza is free to use.

5. Granting of copyright

By saving information on Choomza or uploading of files, you give Choomza the rights to publicly display this information on www.choomza.com.

6. Allowed content

You are not allowed to add content that violates the following rules:

  • No content for which you do not have the required copyright
  • No content that might be misleading or false
  • No insults or lies about third parties
  • No images of people without getting their consent
  • No violations of copyrights
  • No unlawful content (e.g. racist remarks, pornographic content, and so on)
  • No content that is inappropriate for minors
  • No advertisements
  • No copies of the same content
  • No Spam

7. Consequences for breaking the terms of service

When the terms of service are violated, Choomza is free to edit or delete the violating content. After several violations, the violationg user might get excluded from the platform.

8. Liability exemption

Choomza is not liable for content that has been uploaded by users. The uploading users are liable for their own content.

9. Guarantee and liability

Choomza gives no guarantee for the functionality and availabilty of the platform. Choomza is not liable for any damages that might occur due to mistakes or technical problems of the platform.

10. Termination

Users can terminate their accounts any time by sending an email to support@choomza.com. Choomza will delete the account in 7 days after receiving a termination email.

11. Changes to the terms of service

Choomza is free to adjust the terms of service. In this case, the user will be notified by email. If the user does not disagree with the new terms of service, it is assumed that the user agrees with the new terms of service.

12. Place of jurisdiction

Choomza operates under German law.